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TapSpeak Choice 5.0 with Choice AAC Now Available!

TapSpeak Choice version 5.0 is now available and we have a new edition called TapSpeak Choice AAC. Here's what's in the new version:
Choice AAC Page Set - will enable users to communicate with a solid core vocabulary base. Pixon® symbols have one and only one meaning yet will be able to reach a broad core vocabulary with only a few button taps. Word endings will provide users with the ability to produce grammatically correct sentences. Because of consistent icon placement, users will develop a deep familiarity for the button taps for each word.  Designed for us by the experts at Semantic Compaction Systems, the inventors of MinSpeak, it uses a 5x7 grid and includes 101 pages with over 1700 buttons. Available as an In-App Purchase or included in the Plus version.
Multi-user support. Create new users from any user database. Backup/restore users separately. Each user can have its own settings separate from other users.
Significant performance improvements with page loads and library usage. After the first page load, any time you revisit a page it will load instantaneously. Libraries will see the same performance boost plus the picker has the same performance improvement.
Text-only in message window and animation. Choose between displaying buttons or text in the message window. With text in the message window, words are highlighted as they are spoken.
Touch Preview modes. Tap a button once to preview, tap it again to send to message window. Touch release mode announces 
buttons as you drag you finger across the screen; release to select.
New button configuration menu. New screen that lets you set border width, pop amount and time, announce/silent navigation buttons, button tap aural feedback.
Configurable button border color and width. Uses same coloring system as button backgrounds.
Word types/variations. In order to support Choice AAC, we’ve added completely customizable word types/variations to support verb conjugations, noun plurals/possessives, and adjective degrees. A special word variation button can be placed multiple times on a keyboard to show word variations of the last word in the message window.
Get our new user manual as a PDF or iBook.