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Button Background Coloring

You can set a button's background color with TapSpeak Choice's background coloring feature. You can use our coloring system, modify ours, or create your own coloring system. You can even use multiple coloring systems to account for any need you have.

Set a button's background color via a button's editor list. You can set a background color in the library or the page view. A background color setting in the page view overrides the color setting in the library view. Long-press a button to bring up the editor list. Tap Background Color. Select a part of speech/color from the part of speech list.

Button background colors are set in the library view. Tap the Settings icon (the gear) and tap Background Coloring Systems. The Coloring Systems list shows the current default coloring system and all coloring systems that you have defined. The default coloring system that comes with TapSpeak Choice 4.0 is called "Choice Key". 

You can select the default coloring system by tapping the current default coloring system to show a list of all coloring systems. Select a coloring system to set the default coloring system.

The Coloring Systems section of the coloring system list shows all coloring system that you've set up. Edit a coloring system by tapping a coloring system name. You'll go to a list of the parts of speech/color pairs. Add a coloring system by tapping the "+" button in the title bar. Tapping the Edit button at the bottom of the list lets you delete a coloring system. Note that you cannot delete the coloring system that's set as the current coloring system.

To edito a colorng system, tap on the coloring system you want to edit in the colorng system list. You'll go to a list titled "System Colors". The first section has a text edit field where you can change the name of the coloring system. The second section has a list of parts of speech and their assigned colors. The "+" button on the title bar lets you add a part of speech. The Edit button at the bottom of the list lets you delete parts of speech.

Parts of speech are always sorted in alphabetic order.

Tap a part of speech to edit its title and color. The first section has a text field where you can edit the part of speech title. The second section is a color picker that lets you pick the color for the part of speech. The standard color set is predifined and cannot be changed. The custom color picker (to be implemented) will let you select a custom color.