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TapSpeak Choice 4.0 User Guides

Here's a list of the user guides for TapSpeak Choice

Getting Started - Explains how to get started with Choice customization using a basic two-choice communication board for an example.

Backup/Restore - Explains how to back up and restore the TapSpeak Choice database using either Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing.

Direct Access Accessibility Settings - Explains how to use TapSpeak Choice's unparelled accessibility settings including Tap, Touch, Release, Averaging, and Anti-Stimming.

Scanning Settings - Explains how to use TapSpeak Choice's many scanning options.

Button Background Coloring - Explains how button background coloring systems are used and how the can be created or edited to meet your needs.

Private Preview Setup - Shows what cables, earpieces, and speakers you need to use private preview and also how to set up spoken/scanning messages for private preview.