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About Us

TapSpeak, LLC builds mobile device applications that help people with disabilities to communicate with their world. We passionately want to unlock the voices in our loved ones by using every possible benefit we can gain from current technology.

Ted Conley formed TapSpeak in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA, after being frustrated with being unable to find an appropriate devices to help his son, Pierce, learn to communicate. Pierce, born in 2007 has cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia) and cortical vision impairment (CVI), but otherwise is a happy and developing boy. Along with his wife Audrey and Pierce’s older sisters, Ellie, Sarah, and Willow, Ted hopes that these applications can benefit a wide range of people that need help communicating.

Ted’s background includes 25 years in corporate IT developing enterprise web applications and managing application projects and teams. He holds two degrees, a Bachelor of  Science, Manga Cum Laude, from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


Ted & Pierce

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TapSpeak, the go-to Communication apps for children with Autism and multiple disabilities!