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TapSpeak Sequence

TapSpeak Sequence

TapSpeak Sequence for iPad revolutionizes how parents, speech therapists, vision therapists, schools, and institutions create and use message sequences to help disabled children learn to communicate. Use TapSpeak Sequence instead of sequential message switches to record and customize messages without losing any previously recorded sequences.

Kids with cerebral palsy, autism, cortical vision impairment (CVI), pediatric stroke, or any disability that impairs their ability to communicate can make use of this app.

Features include:

  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Unlimited sequence length
  • Unlimited phrase recording length
  • Select from a number of geometric symbols and colors
  • Use your own photographs or drawings
  • Tap response is configurable to accommodate kids with varying motor skill levels
  • Basic usage tracking
  • Reorder phrases in a sequence, modify existing phrases

Many more features coming including:

  • Standard picture symbol set support
  • Resizable and moveable visual targets
  • Configurable background (low/high complexity)
  • Comprehensive usage tracking and reporting
  • More sample sequences

Play a message by tapping the message image; TapSpeak Sequence then advances to the next message. When the end of the sequence is reached, you go to the first message in the sequence. You can switch message order by dragging and dropping a message in the message list!

Message images can be a geometric symbol or a photograph. Soon, we will offer the Pixons as image options.

Messages can be actuated with a touch (no touch release needed) or a tap (touch and release). Taps can be configured to require that a child lifts their finger off the screen in a specified time and don’t move their finger more than a specified distance. This helps develop motor skills needed to use AAC devices.

Basic usage tracking is included. This will be greatly expanded in a future version.

Sample screen in portrait orientation