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Practicing Unity® Patterns (PUP™)


Practicing Unity® Patterns, we call it "PUP™" for short, is a fun and engaging way to learn Unity® patterns! This app is for those learning to use Unity®-based AAC devices, parents, therapists, teachers - anyone who needs a convenient way to learn Unity® patterns.

The PUP™ app teaches Unity® patterns through independent exploration and guided quizzes. The Unity® language system uses Minspeak®, an effective and efficient  language representation method that promotes independent communication.
Using a small number of buttons, the person using the Minspeak® language representation technique can independently communicate a large vocabulary without having to spell or to learn and navigate through a large set of pictures.
The PUP™ app offers 10 Unity® pattern lessons each of which only show Unity® icons you need for the lesson. 600 phrases are included in the PUP™app.
  • Personal Pronouns
  • Personal Pronouns with Contractions
  • Comparison of Adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Verbs
  • Pronoun-Verb Phrases: Auxiliaries
  • Pronoun-Verb Phrases: Modals
  • Pronoun-Verb Phrases: High Frequency
  • Indefinite Pronouns
  • Single Hits and Special Doubles
You get audio and visual feedback with the app. 
  • When an icon sequence matches a pattern, the pattern’s phrase is displayed and spoken. 
  • The rationale screen displays the rationale for the icons used for a pattern. 
  • Tap the phrase to re-speak the phrase and tap the rationale to speak the rationale.
  • Tap the input tray to animate the icon’s locations on the page.
The quiz mode tests your knowledge of a lesson’s patterns. A quiz presents a random selection of target words from a lesson and prompts you to tap the pattern’s icons. You get a number of retries to match a pattern and attempts are timed. A quiz can be paused  so you can explore the lesson and return back to the quiz where you left off. At the end of the quiz you get a complete report of quiz activity and you can print or email the quiz report.  

Main Screen

Main Screen

Paradigm View

Quiz View

Quiz Report

Configuration Screen