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“TapSpeak Sequence for iPad enables children with physical disabilities to communicate sequenced messages by touching the screen using any part of their hand. Children no longer need the strength required to push a button. I use it with PreK-8 students with physcal disabilities to communicate stories, jokes, recipes, and more.”
Eric Sailers, M.A., CCC-SLP
“We have used TapSpeak (Button) for a quick way to ask for “help”, “more”, and to say “all done.” I used TapSpeak Sequence for a survey and to have he kids go ask for some materials. I think these apps rock- really!”
Vicki Clark, My Dynamic Therapy
“This is really wonderful (TapSpeak Choice), thank you for taking the time to do this!”
Renee Karantounis, M.S. CCC-SLP
Just a note to let you know that your apps are in use by at least one Australian family. We use all three – both the tap speak apps and I have just downloaded the tap speak sequence app. Can I say they are brilliant – our daughter has used the Big Mac type switch at school but your apps are so much better as we can add as many messages as we like to be used at different times. The ipod tap speak button app we use as a communication app between home and school and school and home and that is so wonderful. She now has a voice and can use the ipod/ipad pretty much herself.
Thank you so much for all the work you have put into these apps and for helping so many families like ours where we have a child with disabilities – it is so much appreciated.”
Kate Kirsop, Australia
…Bless you, bless you! You have done a wonderful thing by spending all the time and energy to create this app. What a labor of love.I just quickly designed a board to take Ashley and t he family bowling this afternoon. Awesome! And I can add buttons while we are there. (No keyboards, no cables…geez, what a gift.) Critical to be able to easily modify on the fly since we are trying to find some good recreational activities again for her. The language associated is paramount to success. Wish you were close so I could give you a big hug!...”
Kim Voss, Ashley’s Mom, Inc., Tulsa , OK
We have a 4 hour drive tomorrow so plenty of opportunity to practice.  I can’t believe it!  My son will be answering questions for the first time with no help.  I rreeeaalllyyy want to wake him up to try, but I’ll be patient. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Tina Hill, Cypress TX



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