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TapSpeak Choice/TapSpeak Choice AAC

TapSpeak Choice AAC is the most accessible and flexible AAC app available. Choice fills needs from simple two-button communication boards to complete speech generation page sets. Pages are quick and easy to set up - use convenient libraries of buttons or just add buttons directly to a page either with easy drag-and-drop editing.
The Choice AAC page set included in TapSpeak Choice AAC enables users to communicate with a solid core vocabulary base. Pixon® symbols have one and only one meaning yet reach a broad core vocabulary with only a few button taps. Word endings provide users with the ability to produce grammatically correct sentences. Because of consistent icon placement, users develop a deep familiarity for the button taps for each word. Designed for us by the experts at Semantic Compaction Systems, the inventors of Minspeak® language systems, it uses a 5x7 grid and includes 101 pages with over 1700 buttons. 
TapSpeak is unparalled in its accessibility options. With our range of options any range of motor and vision abilities can communicate. Swipes, pinches, weak motions, even palm resting, can access the app. Scanning support is without peer. Choice offers:
• Anti-Stimming mode
• Button preview modes
• Touch mode
• Tap mode
• Detect touch on release
• Touch averaging
• Unparalleled scanning support
• iPad and external switch support
For those whose motor skill abilities require switch access, TapSpeak Choice support using the iPad screen as a switch for scanning and supports all Bluetooth switch interfaces for external switches. You can use one or two switches for auto scanning and step scan and choose among a complete array of scanning options (sequential, row/column, step scan and more). You can even set up separate auditory prompts with a separate message, voice, speaking rate and volume. Private preview, configurable scan cycles, and restart scan at last position are also supported.
Pages can have one to 56 buttons, and can be linked for navigation purposes. You can set up a home page and easily set up links to other pages. Buttons can have symbols, images from your photo library, and text as the button image. You can set the button’s background and/or border color by part of speech using ours or your own coloring system. You can also configure buttons to navigate to any page in the system after the button is tapped.
Message window use is optional. You can create and speak complete phrases and sentences as with Choice AAC, or turn off the message window to use it as a communication board. You can vary the message window size and show text-only or text and button images.
We now offer the Pixon® symbol set, designed by Gail Van Tatenhove and licensed from Semantic Compaction Systems. It’s a proven symbol set for core vocabulary usage and we’re proud to offer them to you!
Full scannable and configurable keyboard support is included! Only TapSpeak Choice has scannable and configurable keyboards. We offer as standard keyboards an iPad-like keyboard, alphabetic keyboard, and a scan-friendly keyboard.
Our voice support includes 40 languages and 88 voices. English voices now include regional and emotive voices to lend a real personality and individuality to a voice. As always you can use your own voice for recording a button’s message and you can set a text-to-speech message for a button separate from the button’s title. Vary voice speed, volume, and pitch as needed.
Children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, cortical vision impairment (CVI), stroke, or any disability that impairs their ability to communicate can make use of TapSpeak Choice. 
Please see our website,, for more information.
Choice has unparalled accessibility. Here you can easily try different accessibility modes to match your child's, and adult's, abilities. Use anti-stimming mode for those with ASD, touch, touch on release, or touch averaging for those with low muscle tone or spascicity issues. 
For scanners, we have the absolute best scanning support of any app. 
Choice includes a wide range of editing options. Use text to speech (30 languages 88 voices) or recordings for the button's message and even have a separate preview message for scanners. Images can range from simple text, Pixon® symbols - the best for core vocabulary usage, and images from your photo library. Hidden buttons are dimmed substantially, but not so much that a therapist or parent can't make them out. Set the button's background colors using parts of speech from our coloring system or use your own - it's completely configurable. Completions acitons help you build more sophisticated page sets that navigate to a home page or other pages after a button is selected.
Our upcoming Choice AAC communication page set makes wide use of all these options.
Keyboards are completely scannable and configurable. Two of the keyboards we offer by default are an iPad-like keyboard and a scan-friendly keyboard. Modify these or create your own! You can even use images for the keyboard keys.